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The Alex Dining Chair, a classic design that's accommodating to modern or transitional room settings. The seat and back are made in 100% top grain black leather. Base is crafted in solid oak. The generously padded seat and back rest, ergonomically shaped, make this dining chair very comfortable to enjoy time with family and friends.
Manufacturer Brand: Star International Furniture
STOCK STATUS: Currently Unavailable.
DEPTH: 22"
WIDTH: 19"
WEIGHT: 16 lbs
This product has a minimum quantity of 2

Alex Dining Chair


Seat height: 19"
Seat depth: 16.5"

Alex Dining Chair


Seat height: 19"
Seat depth: 16.5"

Furniture Care

Caring for Your Wood Surfaces

Ensure your pieces look their best, for your enjoyment, for when the door bell rings—and after the guests have gone home! 

Because it is naturally abrasive, dust is probably wood furniture’s biggest enemy, as it leaves microscopic scratches that dull a finish over time.  Guardsman Anytime Wood Cleaner can be used to clean and renew, leaving a rich, low-luster shine, but it’s also important to dust regularly—even when it’s not time to polish! Weekly dusting prevents the build-up of dust that can result in fine scratches when everyday objects come into contact with the surface. All smooth surfaces should be dusted regularly—furniture, cabinets, walls, floors, electronics, appliances, and even leather furniture.  Guardsman’s Dusting Cloth is specially treated to pick up and hold onto dust without the need for dusting sprays.  Soft and 100% cotton, it’s washable and reusable—and leaves no lint or dust-attracting residue!  For best results when dusting, always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Use and Entertaining Can Be Tough on Wood Dining Furniture

Wood furniture isn’t just for admiring—it’s meant to be used for family and guests.  But entertaining also means accidents—water rings from a glass, or heat marks from a hot dish or a pizza box—that can leave your furniture damaged or looking abused.  AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE.  ALWAYS USE COASTERS, PLACEMATS, AND TRIVETS.  But, if the unexpected happens, you can try to use Guardsman’s Water Ring Remover With a bit of luck, it may eliminate minor blemishes from many wood surfaces including white rings, and other marks and stains caused by water, heat, alcohol, cosmetics, and paint.  If there is significant surface damage, you may want to consider having a Guardsman Technician fix it.  Sometimes it's better to go this route than making a bad accident worse by trying to fix it yourself.  To set up a Guardsman visit to your home, fill out this ONLINE REPAIR QUOTE and Guardsman will contact you shortly there after to go over a solution.

A Few Easy tips to Keep your Wood Surfaces Looking Great All Year

Scratches, Chips, and Damage—To avoid scratches, never slide anything (vases, plates, serving dishes, etc.) across a wood surface.  Light surface nicks and scratches can be treated with some Guardsman Wood Products That being said, please contact us if you have a scratch and are wondering what to do, or before attempting any significant repair yourself it's highly recommended to have Guardsman give you a repair quote first.  It's more often than not that it's best to have a professional fix a problem.  Attempting to do it yourself first may make things a bit more complicated and costly in the event that a professional needs to come in later to take care of things.  It is a good idea to send an email directly to a repair technician to see what their input is before you start anything.  You can Click Here to send a message to one and they'll get back to you shortly.   

Liquids—Wipe up spills immediately, and check to be sure liquid hasn’t seeped under any objects, such as a vase, where it can “pool” and dry, causing damage to the finish.

Use linen or cotton tablecloths & placemats—Vinyl and plastic materials can damage some wood finishes or leave residues behind that build up on the surface of your furniture.  Over time, these materials can make surfaces sticky and cause discoloration.

Centerpieces—Use cork or felt pads under decorative objects, and swap them out several times a year.

Sunlight - Sunlight can and will lighten and alter the color of most any finish.  It is recommended to do your best at avoiding regular and prolonged exposure of any surface to sunlight.  When not at home, keep blinds closed to keep the sunlight off of surfaces.  Dining table leaf extensions should be kept in same amount of light consistacy as the rest of the table to avoid alterned effects of sunlight.

If you have any questions about furniture care or repair, you can contact us and we'll be glad to assist in advise.   

Essentials For Living keeps this item in stock and ready for immediate shipping.  Please allow one to three weeks for transit time and delivery depending on your location.


BASIC DELIVERY  If you'd like to have us bring your items to you, but you prefer to move them about your home on your own, we offer a basic delivery service.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you and schedule a day and time to bring it to your home.  Once at your home, we'll bring it just inside your door when possible, or to the first dry area of your home such as your garage.  And from there it's all up to you to unpack and set it up in your home.      

DELUXE PREMIUM DELIVERY   If you want the easiest way about it, we offer full service delivery and set up.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you to schedule a day and time that works best to meet at your home.  And when we get there, just show us where you'd like your new furnishings to be placed.  We'll take care of the rest.  We place the items you've ordered just where you'd like them to go, making sure everything is set and put together properly, leveled, and ready for your enjoyment.  We don't set up electronic equipment though. 

PICK UP FROM OUR WAREHOUSE - The simple choice is to come in and pick up your order once it arrives.  If you decide this is for you, please make certain that you bring all necessry blankes, straps, and anything needed to safely get your new items to their final destination safe and sound.  Make sure the vehicle you bring is big enough to fit the item you've ordered.  When your order arrives to the warehouse, we'll give you a call and you can come pick it up.  Sometimes items we offer require us to do the delivery, and we'll be sure to specify any item that does.   

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Foster’s is a fourth generation family owned and operated small business that was founded in 1951.  It's our sound belief that the furniture that you place in your home is a direct reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.  After you decide to purchase, it's our belief that you should have the least amount of concern about how your furniture gets into your home and put together. If you have any questions what so ever please call us at 206.243.1834. 

In all instances, make certain you have measured to be sure the pieces you are ordering can get into your home and fit into your room.  Make sure it will fit through all the doors along the way.  Make sure it will be able to turn around all the corners along the way.  Make sure it can fit through stairwells or into elevators.  And if you live in a residence that requires us to make an appointment for use of a loading dock or receiving area, please be sure to let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

And before you sign off on our delivery receipt, please make sure nothing is damaged or missing before signing.  Please understand that we rely on you to make sure the item arrived undamaged by the shipping and delivery process.  If an item arrives with something missing or something is damaged, please go ahead with receiving it BUT NOTATE THE MISSING ITEM OR DAMAGES ON YOUR DELIVERY TICKET.  Then please contact us right away.  We'll take care of everything expeditiously, but you need to make sure you write down any exceptions on the delivery ticket before you sign it. 

Some exclusions for our delivery services apply.  These services exclude Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  All prices, shipping, as well as delivery, are based in US Dollars and only delivered within the continental USA.  If the pieces you'd like need to go to Alaska, Hawaii, or an international location, please contact us for a proper quote.  

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Products specifications
IN STOCK Barstools

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