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The Plaza King size bed, made by Planum Aleal. Hand crafted one piece at a time by experienced craftsman in Portugal. The Plaza headboard features a gentle convex curvature, faceted with your choice of material. The frame itself is hand formed and available in beautiful wood selections. The legs are made in brushed stainless steel. The bed comes with slats designed to support your mattress, or you can remove them and utilize your own adjustable bed base and mattress.
Manufacturing Time: APPROXIMATELY 90 DAYS
DEPTH: 95"
WIDTH: 77"
WEIGHT: 375 lbs
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Planum Plaza King Bed

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Planum Plaza King Bed

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KING BED 92 1/2"W x 59"H x 94 5/8"D

NIGHTSTAND 30"W  x  25 5/8"H x  17 3/8"D

DRESSER  78 3/4"W  x  34 5/8"H  x  21 1/4"D

MIRROR  70 7/8"W  x  35 1/2"H  x  1"D


MADRAS GRADE A - Made with South American or Asian raw hides. Madras is a 100% top grain leather.  It breathes naturally and regulates temperature when it absorbs and releases humidity through natural pores which cannot be found in lesser quality split, bonded, or artificial leather. It has a matte, low sheen finish with an average thickness of 0.9-1.1mm. It goes through a correction process in which the leather has been gently sanded and buffed) to reduce the visibility of natural markings found in the raw hides. Each hide is then gently embossed to create a uniform appearance and texture and to preserve the natural elegance and texture of the leather.  The hide is then dyed in a color and finished with additional pigmentation that also serves to waterproof and protect the leather as well as ensure color consistency. It is very well protected against normal household stains.

MADRAS 1910                                       MADRAS 1928                                      MADRAS 1947



MADRAS 1986                                        MADRAS 1990




ORVIETO GRADE B  Orvieto leather is made in Italy with raw hides sourced from South America.  These leathers are minimally buffed to reduce the natural markings on the raw hides, and is then corrected by the embossing of a slightly pebbled and consistent leather grain pattern.  They have a matte low sheen appearance and are an impressive 1.3 to 1.5 mm thickness.   It has been pigmented (dyed) with protected color finishing that serves to waterproof the leather as well as ensure color consistency.  This leather is very well protected against normal household spills and is easy to clean with a water damp rag.  Orvieto is the most popularly used leather category for high-end contemporary sofas.


Orvieto 9401                                      Orvieto 9402                                    Orvieto 9404



Orvieto 9407                                       Orvieto 9409                                     Orvieto 9415



Orvieto 9418                                      Orvieto 9423                                    Orvieto 9433



Orvieto 9434                                        Orvieto 9449                                    Orvieto 9459




Orvieto 9465                                       Orvieto 9468                                    Orvieto 9470




Orvieto 9477                                        Orvieto 9486                                   Orvieto 9490



Orvieto 9497




EUROSOFT GRADE C  Eurosoft leathers are made in Italy South American raw hides.  In the tanning process, these leathers are minimally corrected and are not embossed or enhanced with any grain pattern.  In the finishing process, each hide is minimally pigmented to ensure color consistency, as well as to seal and waterproof the hide for maximum durability.  There is tremendous efforts made to preserve as much of these leather's natural characteristics as possible.   Eurosoft has a natural matte and or flat sheen, with an average hide thickness of 1.2 to 1.4 mm.  This leather is well protected against normal household spills and is a good choice for those who want the natural touch and soft suppleness of luxury of leather, but want minimum maintenaance.


Eurosoft 7517                                Eurosoft 7518                             Eurosoft 7520



Eurosoft 7525                                 Eurosoft 7543                            Eurosoft 7553



Eurosoft 7566                               Eurosoft 7570                              Eurosoft 7586



Eurosoft 7590


 LINEA LEATHERS Linea leathers are purely European sourced and tanned in Italy.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF THESE FINE LEATHERS.




Other leather colors are available.  Please CLICK HERE to view the full assortment and contact us with questions or for pricing.

5514 Papyrus 

3910 Tapioca 

5339 Vanilla Custard 

3582 Almond

6232 Blush

3581 Doe

5969 Fog

3424 Chablis

6660 Champagne 

3694 Ivory

3280 Chamois

3281 Camel

5810 Platinum

3583 Bisque

3911 Nude 

3696 Wheat

3092 Sahara

3914 Pebble 

3271 Taupe

3279 Sandstone

3584 Sand

3093 Spice

5206 Ginger

4483 Mystic

5970 French Grey

3916 Doeskin

3697 Mica

3888 Desert Camel

5207 Cumin

4398 Lichen

5566 Pewter

3366 Stone

3282 Fawn

3912 Maple Wood 

3891 Aztec

3918 Peat

5971 Deep French Grey

3367 Elephant

3274 Beaver

3588 Hide

3585 Curry

4485 Cactus

5788 Charcoal

5789 Graphite

3147 Coffee Bean

3889 Brownstone

3913 Branch 

4341 Moss

4147 Opalene

5515 Cadet Grey 

9441 African Violet

1454 Sienna 

6661 Sunset 

4488 Lime

7142 Real Teal

2756 Horizon

9480 Orchid 

8224 Canyon

6659 Pink Ribbon 

4577 Citron

4397 Eucalyptus

2679 Moonstone

9393 Wild Plum

8201 Roasted Pepper

6628 Hot Pink

5283 Sunshine

4484 Fern

2754 Malibu

9391 Amethyst

8175 Clay

1304 Scoundrel

8223 Orange

4504 Willow

2323 Periwinkle

6496 Wine'n Roses

1364 Navajo Red

1367 Red

7397 Robin's Egg 

4396 Sage

2329 Steel Blue

1155 Burgundy

8253 Terracotta

1334 Tomato

7389 South Beach

4342 Shetland

2328 True Blue

2539 Baltic

3586 Terra

1401 Madeira

2530 Regal Blue

2680 Slate Blue

2755 Brittany

2330 Indigo

3890 Teakwood

1240 Mulberry

5709 Black Onyx

Factory Page

KING BED 92 1/2"W x 59"H x 94 5/8"D

NIGHTSTAND 30"W  x  25 5/8"H x  17 3/8"D

DRESSER  78 3/4"W  x  34 5/8"H  x  21 1/4"D

MIRROR  70 7/8"W  x  35 1/2"H  x  1"D


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Products specifications

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