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HSTUDIO Felicity Sculpture

Handmade by H. Studio. The Felicity Sculpture is a graceful harmony of stainless steel with acrylic. Featuring dynamic free form curves that twist upward. This piece pairs exceptionally well with any of the H. Studio display pedestals.
Manufacturer Brand: H Studio
DEPTH: 17"
WIDTH: 18"
WEIGHT: 30 lbs

Available in ultra clear or any of the exclusie colors shown below.

HStudio Acrylic Colors 

Available in ultra clear or any of the exclusie colors shown below.

HStudio Acrylic Colors 

PICK UP FROM OUR WAREHOUSE - The simple choice is to come in and pick up your order once it arrives.  If you decide this is for you, please make certain that you bring all necessry blankes, straps, and anything needed to safely get your new items to their final destination safe and sound.  Make sure the vehicle you bring is big enough to fit the item you've ordered.  When your order arrives to the warehouse, we'll give you a call and you can come pick it up.  Sometimes items we offer require us to do the delivery, and we'll be sure to specify any item that does.  


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DELUXE PREMIUM DELIVERY   If you want the easiest way about it, we offer full service delivery and set up.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you to schedule a day and time that works best to meet at your home.  And when we get there, just show us where you'd like your new furnishings to be placed.  We'll take care of the rest.  We place the items you've ordered just where you'd like them to go, making sure everything is set and put together properly, leveled, and ready for your enjoyment.  We don't set up electronic equipment though.  This is a local and nation wide service. 


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In all instances, make certain you have measured to be sure the pieces you are ordering can get into your home and fit into your room.  Make sure it will fit through all the doors along the way.  Make sure it will be able to turn around all the corners along the way.  Make sure it can fit through stairwells or into elevators.  And if you live in a residence that requires us to make an appointment for use of a loading dock or receiving area, please be sure to let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

And before you sign off on our delivery receipt, please make sure nothing is damaged or missing before signing.  Please understand that we rely on you to make sure the item arrived undamaged by the shipping and delivery process.  If an item arrives with something missing or something is damaged, please go ahead with receiving it BUT NOTATE THE MISSING ITEM OR DAMAGES ON YOUR DELIVERY TICKET.  Then please contact us right away.  We'll take care of everything expeditiously, but you need to make sure you write down any exceptions on the delivery ticket before you sign it. 

Some exclusions for our delivery services apply.  These services exclude Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  All prices, shipping, as well as delivery, are based in US Dollars and only delivered within the continental USA.  If the pieces you'd like need to go to Alaska, Hawaii, remote areas, areas with difficult truck access, or an international location, please contact us for a proper quote.  

Acrylic Care and Cleaning
Like all products, it is important to use the proper cleaning solution to keep your acrylic furniture looking beautiful. We use and recommend NOVUS PLASTIC POLISH.  You can CLICK HERE TO BUY  

When cleaning, make certain to remove surface dust with a feather duster prior to doing anything.  Then, wipe gently with a clean soft cloth or chamois. Also be sure to apply enough plastic cleaner to actual acrylic and to the cloth.

Scratch removal: Like beautiful wood or fine silver, acrylic can scratch. Unlike other materials, a scratch on acrylic can be removed. Minor scratches can be visibly removed by using the Novus Polish and a cloth. Deeper scratches can be removed by purchasing restoration kits.

Caution: Do not use window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, household scouring compounds, lacquer thinner, benzene, leaded or ethyl gasoline or strong solvents such as alcohol, acetone, or carbon tetra chlorine. Keep away from excess heat or open flame.

The colors shown below are representations of the available color choices in H. Studio acrylic.  It is important to note that acrylic is a transparent material.  As such, the finished piece will not be a solid, non transparent color, but will be a beautiful toned piece allowing light to pass through.   


























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