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The Atlantis Motorized Recliner, by Fjords of Norway. The Atlantis features a swivel rocking mechanism, reminding you to make time for the simple joy of sitting and resting your feet while you rock to and fro. And to take all the pressure off your back and legs, recline the chair until you find that perfect spot to unwind...maybe even close the eyes for just a few moments. The headrest tilts forward and back, and telescopes up or down, allowing you to find the perfect position for optimal neck support.
Manufacturer Brand: Fjords Hjellegjerde Recliners
DEPTH: 37.5"
WIDTH: 31.75"
HEIGHT: 41.5"
WEIGHT: 205 lbs
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SEAT DEPTH =  23.25"


Nordic Line

NORDIC LINE LEATHER is our entry grade leather.  It is premium 100% all top grain.  Nordic Line our most heavily protected premium top grain leather in our assortment.  The leather is soft to the touch, and is a great choice for young and active families intending to heavily use their furniture.  These leathers have been lightly corrected as necessary to make the look consistent in appearance.  The corection process involves light hand sanding as necessary to smooth out imperfections and natural marks, and then a consistent grain pattern is lightly embossed onto the leather.  This gives the leather a very even, consistent appearance and feel. Nordic Line also has a pigment layer on the surface, color matched to exacting standards at the tannery to ensure a high quality finished leather.  As a final step after the leather is colored, we also apply a clear protective layer to seal it, giving you a leather choice that is as protected from stains and spills as possible.  Nordic Line Leather is a great choice for families with very active lifestyles and those who want maintenance kept to an absolute minimum.   

NORDIC NL101 BLACK                            NORDIC NL102 FOREST                          NORDIC NL120 HAVANA

NL101 BLACK   


NORDIC NL121 SANDEL                         NORDIC NL128 CAPPUCCINO                 NORDIC NL129 WALNUT

 NL128 NL129


NORDIC NL130 STONE                          NORDIC NL131 GRANITE                         NORDIC NL132 DOVE

NL130   NL132





Soft Line

Our middle grade Soft Line leathers are premium all 100% top grain.  They are tanned and made to have a plush and wonderfully soft natural feel for added comfort. They are softer and more supple than our Nordic Line leathers, yet still offer wonderful user friendly characteristics.  After the tanning process and pigmentation process are completed, Soft Line leather is treated with a moderate protective finish that seals the leather and improves it's resistance against soiling and liquids. The purpose of Soft Line leather is to provide a luxuriously comfortable leather that is still sealed and protected enough so that you don't need to constantly worry about every day use. 

SL201 BLACK                                         SL202 GREEN                                         SL205 SHADOW GRAY



SL208 TIGER EYE                                     SL213 VANILLA                                        SL214 CACAO                                    



SL224 HASSELL                                       SL 244 ICE                                            SL225 NOUGAT



SL227 GREY                                            SL229 LATTE                                         SL246 PURE WHITE



SL241 MOCHA                                        SL247 STORM



SL248 CHILI                                           SL265 SEAGREEN                                  SL291 BLUE




Astro Line 

Astro Line leathers are our top shelf premium assortment of leathers, and are available on all of our designs.  Astro Line leathers are premium 100% all top grain, and are all fully dyed with an emphasis on making them tremendously soft and supple.  After tanning, they are lightly finished just to make certain color tones are as even as possible.  The tanning process of Astro Line leathers is conducted with an emphasis towards keeping the final leather as close to it's completely natural state as possible, with extreme emphasis placed on making the feel extremely supple and buttery soft to the touch.  Astro Line leathers are also sealed and protected, making them moderately resistant to soiling and liquids.  These leathers provide excellent durability for daily use and are best suited for use in homes with a relaxed and gentle use lifestyle.  


AL501 BLACK                                             AL525 TOBASCO                                   AL529 LATTE



AL535 DARK BROWN                                      AL539 SAFARI                                    AL540 ANTHRACITE



AL543 SLATE                                              AL545 VINTAGE COGNAC                        AL546 IVORY          



AL547 GRAPHITE                                             AL551 SOFT GREY                                         AL552 TAN




In Stock - Fjords keeps most everything in stock at all times for immediate shipping.  Please allow two to four weeks for transit time and delivery.

Out of Stock - Fjords items temporarily out of stock, replenishments are most always already on the way.  They usually are back in stock within two to four weeks; we can advise eta's upon request.

For Special Orders, a lead time of 3 - 5 months is necessary for variances in production, transit, and delivery.


BASIC DELIVERY  If you'd like to have us bring your items to you, but you prefer to move them about your home on your own, we offer a basic delivery service.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you and schedule a day and time to bring it to your home.  Once at your home, we'll bring it just inside your door when possible, or to the first dry area of your home such as your garage.  And from there it's all up to you to unpack and set it up in your home.       


DELUXE DELIVERY   If you want the easiest way about it, we offer full service delivery and set up.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you to schedule a day and time that works best to meet at your home.  And when we get there, just show us where you'd like your new furnishings to be placed.  We'll take care of the rest.  We place the items you've ordered just where you'd like them to go, making sure everything is set and put together properly, leveled, and ready for your enjoyment.  We don't set up electronic equipment though. 


Foster’s is a fourth generation family owned and operated small business that was founded in 1951.  It's our sound belief that the furniture you place in your home is a direct reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.  If you have any questions what so ever please call us at 206.243.1834. 

In all instances, make certain you have measured to be sure the pieces you are ordering can get into your home and fit into your room.  Make sure it will fit through all the doors and will be able to turn all the corners along the way.  And if you live in a residence that requires us to make an appointment for use of a loading dock or receiving area, please be sure to let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

Some exclusions for our delivery services apply.  These services exclude Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  All prices, shipping, as well as delivery, are based in US Dollars and only delivered within the continental USA.  If the pieces you'd like need to go to Alaska, Hawaii, or an international location, please contact us for a proper quote.  



SEAT DEPTH =  23.25"


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