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We thank the many, many customers who understand these circumstances with such wonderful graciousness and patience.  Your kindness and grace is appreciated beyond any words. 


Our company is required to follow operational guidelines that are mandated in the Healthy Washington Safe Start Program.  We believe these mandates are to be taken seriously, and we strictly abide by them.  COVID has substantially impacted our company and our entire industry.  The resulting environment is challenging, as we, our factories, and our shippers, all do our best to manage.  But as a small family owned and operated business we are doing everything we can to keep things running as smoothly as possible for our customers and our employees.  


The impact of COVID on our company has created a significant backlog for us, as our primary business specialty is in home design consultations and planning.  We are doing our best to keep current with everyone and balancing in home consultations with phone and virtual consultations.  As a result, we are tied up in phone conversations and virtual meetings much longer than usual as we strive to maintain our quality level of design consultation and space planning.  Please be sure to leave us a message or send us an email if you're trying to reach us and we miss you, and we will get back in touch with you as quickly as we can.


We do keep track of in person consultations, and we do get tested regularly for COVID.  We wear face masks at all times during in person consultations as well as in home deliveries, even though we've been vaccinated.  We sanitize hands and surfaces before entering your home and again immediately after we leave.  If we have an in person consultation or delivery scheduled with you, and you or anyone in your home begin to feel ill, experience shortness of breath, or develop flu like symptoms in any way prior to our appointment, please contact us to re-schedule your appointment for a later date.  If you become aware of COVID exposure up to two weeks after a visit from us, please notify us immediately, as we will do the same for you. 


COVID PRODUCT DELAYS - COVID has substantially impacted the vast majority of factories, trucking, and delivery service companies we do business with.  Other countries, states, counties, and cities, handle COVID different, some are more strict in their COVID policy, while others are not. Some factories are able to make things work quite well with remote work arrangements, and others can't.  But in most every instance, these companies are doing their best to balance production and operations while still complying with COVID regulations, cleaning, and quarantine protocols they are required to follow.  In almost all instances, if an employee at a factory or shipping company feels ill, they are required to stop operations immediately, sanatize, and employees are only allowed to return to work after being tested and confirmed as negative for COVID.  Unpredictable and unexpected circumstances such as this sets back a factory or shipping company anywhere from a few days to a week or more each time they have to mitigate COVID in their workplace.


Again, thanks again for your patronage and your patience! We are so appreciative of our many, many customers who understand these circumstances and handle it with amazing grace and patience.  It's appreciated in more ways than we can say.


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