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The Kali Sideboard by Bellini Modern Living is a genuine showstopper. Perhaps one of the more design forward pieces in today's market. Painstaking efforts are made to precisely shape and fit the wave edge doors together. Crafted in gray ash and matte anthracite. 100% made in Italy.
Manufacturer Brand: Bellini Modern Living
DEPTH: 18"
WIDTH: 75"
WEIGHT: 225 lbs

Factory Spec Page

Check out all of the great pieces we carry from VIZ ART GLASS or Hebi Arts for a perfect finishing touch.

Available only as shown.

Materials:  Satin ash.  Satin Lacquer.


Factory Spec Page

Check out all of the great pieces we carry from VIZ ART GLASS or Hebi Arts for a perfect finishing touch.

Available only as shown.

Materials:  Satin ash.  Satin Lacquer.


Indoor Furniture Protection Plans

Accidents are likely to happen once the furniture is in your home! Investing in a Guardian Furniture Protection Plan will protect your furniture from many of life's mishaps, both big and small. 

Premium coverages are available for fabric, leather, and wood furniture, and may include:*

  • Food or beverage stains on fabric, leather and wood.
  • Stains caused by grass, crayons, grease, ballpoint pen ink, and cosmetics on upholstered furniture.
  • Rips, tears, burns and punctures on fabric or leather upholstery.
  • Liquid rings, heat marks and gouges on wood and stone.
  • Glass and mirror breakage.

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*Some exclusions apply. See the protection plan terms and conditions for complete details.  

Guardian Protection Plans are not cleaning contracts. 

Guardian Protection Plans are for accidental incidents, attributed to a single specific accidental incident; and do not cover apparent abusive negligent use.  We do recommend using a professional to clean fabric or leather upholstery periodically under conditions of normal use.  If you have a Guardian Protection Plan, and if you are unable to find a professional, contact Guardian, and we will try to refer you to a cleaning professional in your area.  Non-colorfast materials and/or materials with cleaning code "X" are excluded from coverage.  



  • Most of our claim submission process is fairly self-explanatory, and will guide you through the process as you move forward in the system, but here are a few items that will make things even smoother:
    • Copy of your protection plan documents
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    • Copy of your retail purchase receipt
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Guardian agents are availble 'live' Monday: Friday from 8am to 5pm EST either via Chat or by Phone.  E-mails are reviewed during these hours, and responded to promply.

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Bellini Modern keeps this item in stock and ready for immediate shipping from their warehouse in Quebec, Canada, and is a two step process.

All orders must first travel from the Quebec warehouse to our US trucker in North Carolina.  Currently this can take 2-4 weeks.

Transit from our US trucker in North Carolina to final destination currently can take 2 to 6 weeks.  


BASIC DELIVERY  If you'd like to have us bring your items to you, but you prefer to move them about your home on your own, we offer a basic delivery service.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you and schedule a day and time to bring it to your home.  Once at your home, we'll bring it just inside your door when possible, or to the first dry area of your home such as your garage.  And from there it's all up to you to unpack and set it up in your home.      

DELUXE PREMIUM DELIVERY   If you want the easiest way about it, we offer full service delivery and set up.  When an item arrives for you, we'll call you to schedule a day and time that works best to meet at your home.  And when we get there, just show us where you'd like your new furnishings to be placed.  We'll take care of the rest.  We place the items you've ordered just where you'd like them to go, making sure everything is set and put together properly, leveled, and ready for your enjoyment.  We don't set up electronic equipment though. 

PICK UP FROM OUR WAREHOUSE - The simple choice is to come in and pick up your order once it arrives.  If you decide this is for you, please make certain that you bring all necessry blankes, straps, and anything needed to safely get your new items to their final destination safe and sound.  Make sure the vehicle you bring is big enough to fit the item you've ordered.  When your order arrives to the warehouse, we'll give you a call and you can come pick it up.  Sometimes items we offer require us to do the delivery, and we'll be sure to specify any item that does.   

MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS  Select this option if you want to make your own shipping and delivery arrangements. Many customers opt for arranging their own shipping and delivery.  If this is for you, we'll have your items packed and ready to go when your shipping or delivery company comes buy to pick everything up.    


Foster’s is a fourth generation family owned and operated small business that was founded in 1951.  It's our sound belief that the furniture that you place in your home is a direct reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.  After you decide to purchase, it's our belief that you should have the least amount of concern about how your furniture gets into your home and put together. If you have any questions what so ever please call us at 206.243.1834. 

In all instances, make certain you have measured to be sure the pieces you are ordering can get into your home and fit into your room.  Make sure it will fit through all the doors along the way.  Make sure it will be able to turn around all the corners along the way.  Make sure it can fit through stairwells or into elevators.  And if you live in a residence that requires us to make an appointment for use of a loading dock or receiving area, please be sure to let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

And before you sign off on our delivery receipt, please make sure nothing is damaged or missing before signing.  Please understand that we rely on you to make sure the item arrived undamaged by the shipping and delivery process.  If an item arrives with something missing or something is damaged, please go ahead with receiving it BUT NOTATE THE MISSING ITEM OR DAMAGES ON YOUR DELIVERY TICKET.  Then please contact us right away.  We'll take care of everything expeditiously, but you need to make sure you write down any exceptions on the delivery ticket before you sign it. 

Some exclusions for our delivery services apply.  These services exclude Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  All prices, shipping, as well as delivery, are based in US Dollars and only delivered within the continental USA.  If the pieces you'd like need to go to Alaska, Hawaii, or an international location, please contact us for a proper quote.  

Products specifications
Products specifications

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