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2306 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402

Foster’s has been in business since 1951, and we know how to properly get the items you've ordered from us to your home safe and sound.  The furniture that you place in your home is a direct reflection of who you are.  After you decide to purchase, it's our belief that you should have the least amount of concern about how your furniture gets into your home and put together.  

TAX  Foster's Furniture only collects sales tax on purchases delivered to customers within the State of Washington.

Nationwide Basic Delivery is just as it sounds.  Many accessories and furniture that's not complex to set up can be shipped and delivered via Basic Delivery.  In all instances, Basic Delivery is by appointment only and you will need to be home to sign for your order.  We don't allow items to be left at a front door.  Basic Delivery means that the item gets delivered only as far as your front door.  Please make sure nothing is damaged or missing before signing.  Unless specified otherwise, all orders over $1,000 qualify for complimentary Basic Delivery.  Please understand that we rely on you to make sure the item arrived undamaged by the shipping process.  If an item arrives damaged, refuse it and contact us right away.  We'll take care of replacing it right away.  Some exclusions apply.  Please call us if you have questions.  This service excludes Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.     

Nationwide Premium Delivery is just that.  Simply stated, it's a complete professional delivery.  Nothing less.  We have the items you ordered come in and we take care of properly receiving, unpacking everything, and making sure all turned out good.  After we do that, we call you and set a day and time to come to your home and set up the new items in your room.  That means everything is set up properly, and the only thing you have to do is show us where you want it to be.  Any item which we have evaluated as being complicated to deliver will be priced to include Premium Delivery, and we will specify same on the item.  If we show an item that doesn't specify Premium Delivery, but you'd like the service, please contact us for the cost to upgrade.  All orders over $4000 automaticallly qualify for complimentary Nationwide Premium Delivery, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and international locations.

So how exactly do we accomplish this?  We start by considering each piece we sell, and what's  involved in making sure it gets to your home safe and sound.  There are lots of fancy terms tossed around these days, such as "to the threshold" or "room of your choice" or "room of choice with light assembly" and so on.  Anything ambiguous is inappropriate.  Therefore, we only offer two types of delivery, Basic or Premium.

In all instances, you need to make sure it's feasable to get the item you've ordered into your home.  Make sure it will fit through all the doors along the way.  Make sure it will be able to turn around all the corners along the way.  Make sure the item can fit through stairwells or into elevators.  And make sure everything measures to fit in the room you're planning on having them in. 

*All prices, shipping, as well as delivery, are based in US Dollars and only delivered within the continental USA, and exclude shipping or delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or international locations.  Please contact us for a quote on items of interest if you reside in Alaska, Hawaii, or require international shipping.